Route to Digital Learning Success - 2022 and Beyond

18 Jan 2022

Building resilient maritime education in 2022 and supporting industry’s blended-learning journey.


The traditional maritime training market, hard-wired for on-premise training, was ill‑equipped for a global pandemic, resulting in a significant negative impact on the operations of maritime training providers and exacerbating existing seafarer shortages and competence concerns.

So what lessons have we learned from this?

  • Six lessons we've learnt to ensure the maritime education industry is ready for its next phase of growth
  • Ways to strengthen your training and competitive edge using Wärtsilä Voyage Simulation and Training Solutions
  • Strategic partnership with Ocean Technologies Group and tangible benefits for maritime stakeholders

We welcome you to be part of the community driving the blended-learning journey forward!

Our presenters

Neil Bennett

Sales Director Americas, Wärtsilä Voyage



James Lee

Business Development manager, Wärtsilä Voyage


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