Rethinking the grid

Rethinking the grid

If you have any questions about energy storage, John G. Jung, Founder, President and CEO of Greensmith Energy Management Systems – the newest member of the Wärtsilä family - is the man to answer them. We asked him three of our own.

Text: Silja Kudel Photo: Jay Watson

1. How exactly will Greensmith round out Wärtsilä’s offering? 

Firstly, Wärtsilä will be able to offer the most advanced energy storage capability available, proven around the world through 70 successful deployments. Secondly, customers can expect to leverage the best software available that not only optimises energy storage but also enables seamless integration of other grid assets including thermal and renewable sources of generation, along with distribution networks and microgrids. Thirdly, customers can look forward to increasingly integrated power solutions and hybrids that reflect high-order thinking about the changing nature of the grid network. 


2. Why is energy storage so important for the transition to renewables?

You cannot have renewables without energy storage, period. While it’s great that renewables are replacing fossil fuels, the fact remains that they are limited in terms of when the wind blows and when the sun shines. This form of intermittency makes the grid more fragile. And the nice thing about energy storage is that it doesn’t care where the electrons come from – it just wants to do get more value from them.

3. What is the role of Greensmith’s software in the breakthrough of clean energy?

Intelligent energy storage and advanced software is ideal for integrating with renewables to gain more value from ‘clean energy’ electrons. We already offer the most mature storage and energy integration software platform. We are talking about a platform that not only optimises energy storage, but all grid resources and the distribution network. We also offer big data and analytics that drive rule-based and automated decision-making across a stack of real-time applications and optimisation opportunities. In short, we offer the best in the business.

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