Navigation Console 27WS LTB notification

The Navigation Console 27WS is coming to its end of life and we have no plans to continue using it has the new Navigation Deck Console 6 will be available soon.

Navigation Console 27WS

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Navigation Console 27WS   Navigation Deck Console 6

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Navigation Console 27WS is not included in Transas NAV products portfolio from June 2012.


The Navigation Deck Console 6 new design is recognized by some key features such as:

  • Modular design: Base console, Keyboard housing and Monitor bracket combined make the full deck mount console. The latter two alone will serve as a desk mount solution.
  • Flexible solution: One size fits all concepts that will make order process easier. Also possible to maintain stock and cut lead time. Monitor bracket will fit any screen from 19” up to 26”, in console or standalone anywhere on bridge.
  • Technical innovations: Console 6 is not only a metal tin for hiding cables and electronics. It has also been designed with silent temperature controlled mechanical ventilation for extended up time for ECDIS or Radar systems. Any Transas series 6 hardware will adopt easily in well-defined mountings to reduce installation time and easy access for service.


Navigation Deck Console 6 is planned to be available Q3-2012.

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