AIS/GNSS Product range Notification


The new R5 systems from SAAB are now available and the old R4 Systems will be removed from our product range.


Transas AIS Class B

The new Transas AIS Class B M4-N will replace previous Transas AIS Class B version; M4-B.


Effected products


Suitable replacement

SAAB R4 AIS class A kit   R5 SUPREME AIS Transponder System
SAAB R4 AIS Class A kit with J4 comprising   R5 SUPREME AIS Transponder System
R4 GPS Navigation System Kit   R5 SUPREME GPS Navigation System
R4 DGPS Navigation System Kit   R5 SUPREME DGPS Navigation System
R4 DGPS Navigation Add-on Kit   R5 SUPREME DGPS Add-on Kit
J4 AIS Junction Box   R5 AIS Junction box
Transas AIS Class B M4-B Kit   Transas AIS Class B M4N

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SAAB R4 AIS class A-, R4 GPS Navigation System-, R4 DGPS Navigation System- and Transas AIS Class B M4-B kits will not be included in Transas AIS/GNSS products portfolio from February 2013.



The SAAB R5 SUPREME AIS system is designed for SOLAS vessels and advanced applications such as Secure and Warship AIS. It fully utilizes our fifth generation transponder technology, building on the success of the R4 AIS system, which is in operation aboard some 20,000 ships worldwide. The key features are:

  • 7” ultra-bright high contrast colour LCD
  • Touch screen, keypad or USB keyboard control
  • Ethernet, RS-422 and USB interfaces
  • Optional additional display units for redundant or slave operation
  • Use USB memory for quick software upgrades, data logging and more
  • Automatic, manual or remote dimming
  • Pilot plug integrated in display
  • Full AIS-SART support
  • Text messaging
  • VHF communication test function
  • R4 Navigation Sensor Compatible
  • Gimbal or flush mounting
  • Weather-proof design

The new R5 SUPREME NAV products are self-monitoring and extremely user friendly. The R5 SUPREME NAV system is utilizing the highly versatile R5 CDU and together with the proven R4 Sensor and modern antennas it represents one of the most flexible navigation systems on the market.

  • 7" ultra-bright high contrast colour touch LCD
  • Touch, Keypad or USB keyboard control
  • Display of latitude, longitude, speed over ground and course over ground
  • Capability to handle and store up to 4000 individually named waypoints and up to 100 different routes
  • Man Over Board (MOB) and Event Mark functionality
  • Two trip log counters with indication of average speed and accumulated time during motion
  • Scheduled Alerts, user configurable time alarms and time to ETA alarms

Transas AIS Class B M4N

The M4N AIS is the world’s smallest and toughest AIS Class B transceiver. M4N AIS offers exceptional best in class field performance, low power consumption and reliability. M4N AIS is constructed of light weight yet extremely tough marine grade plastics and is certified waterproof (IPx7). The onboard 50 channel GPS is complemented by an integrated GPS antenna making an external GPS antenna optional. NMEA2000®, NMEA0183 and USB interfaces are included to simplify installation. M4N AIS is fully certified and type approved for global use in accordance with published AIS standards.

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