Wärtsilä 3D Measurement and scanning services

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Wärtsilä 3D Measurement and scanning services

Ship owners have a range of critical questions to consider when it comes to the condition of their assets: Is the equipment 100% reliable? Will it perform without risk of breakdown? Is the current solution still the most efficient design for current operations? Will new parts or complete systems fit in the intended void space, and will any modification be needed? Resolving issues like these require the support of technical experts who not only understand your equipment but your business as well. With Wärtsilä’s 3D Measurement and scanning services, we can answer your questions and support you in making the best decisions to optimize your vessel’s propulsion equipment.

Key benefits

  • Get the convenience of an all-in-one service – Wärtsilä handles the entire process from measurement to final recommendations
  • Minimise vessel downtime with our cost- and time-ef­ficient approach
  • Get more comprehensive and precise measurements, ensuring all parts fit the ­ first time
  • Rely on solutions backed up by advanced techniques, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element model (FEM) validation

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    Technical info

    Our technical experts will perform on-site measurements with 3D laser or scanning technology. Scans are then visualised with 3D CAD models to improve the accuracy of our analysis and make the measurements easier to interpret. Depending on the level of agreed services, Wärtsilä will provide a report that contains:

    • Measured results and findings
    • Analysis
    • Corrective proposals
    • Recommendations
    • Drawings
    • Technical support


    Available for all installations.

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