Wärtsilä VGP 2013 compliance package for TT-FT

Avoid penalties, sail without worries and attain a green image for stricter legislations of tomorrow with the easy-to-install and hassle free Wärtsilä solution. The Wärtsilä Vessel General Permit 2013 (VGP) transverse thrusters compliance package for fixed pitch propellers (TT-FT) responds to the legislation, which introduces new environmental regulations for vessels operating in US coastal waters. 

    • Easy installation
    • Avoid penalties
    • Environmental compliance
    • Certified to enter US coastal waters
    Technical info
    The Wärtsilä compliance package consists of all needed materials to convert a transverse thruster to a VGP 2013 compliant transverse thruster. The compliance package can be installed during the next scheduled dry dock or at the earliest opportunity. The package can also be included in the dock maintenance plan. Once the package is installed the transverse thruster is VGP 2013 compliant and the vessel may sail in US coastal waters.
    For Transverse Thrusters with fixed pitch propellers. The compliance package is available for the following propeller types: TT-FT125, TT-FT150, TT-FT175, TT-FT200, TT-FT225, TT-FT250, TT-FT275 & TT-FT300.

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