Wärtsilä Propulsion Condition Monitoring Service

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Wärtsilä Propulsion Condition Monitoring Service

To successfully manage a fleet, risks must be assessed – including the condition of propulsion equipment. As propulsion machinery is largely mounted underwater, it cannot be physically examined internally without going into dry dock. The Wärtsilä Propulsion condition monitoring service (PCMS) is class-approved and eliminates the need to enter a dry dock for visual inspections. The service provides you with up-to-date and in-depth information about the condition of your vessel’s propulsion equipment.

The Wärtsilä Propulsion condition monitoring service provides you with real-time advice and regular reports about the condition of your machinery. With PCMS you can improve your vessel’s availability, reliability and profitability, while reducing risks and maintenance costs.

PCMS measures vibrations and oil condition in order to effectively monitor gears, bearings, the propeller and other propulsion equipment components. The service also gathers operational parameters from the propulsion control system.


Key benefits

  • Base operational decisions on the actual condition of your equipment
  • Maximise the availability of your vessel by performing overhauls only when needed
  • Reduce the likelihood of breakdowns by being proactively informed of faults
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership and maximise profitability
  • Increase the lifetime of your equipment and preserve its condition by getting feedback on the factors generating excess wear


Wärtsilä and Non-Wärtsilä Propulsion Equipment, All types of pumps, compressors


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