64 000 hours overhaul of Marine Reduction Gearbox

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64 000 hours overhaul of Marine Reduction Gearbox (WWCU)

After 10 years of service, an overhaul is recommended in order to ensure the continued functionality of your marine gearbox. The gearbox will then have been running for more than 64 000 hours, which in most cases equals more than 2.7 billion revolutions. Despite the rigid housing, under normal operating conditions the shafts will always have a small deflection due to the heavy weight from the clutch and flanges. This deflection, plus possible pollution in the oil, vibration, and other factors, will affect the condition of the bearings after many years of operation. The life span of certain bearings is, therefore, certainly limited.

To prevent costly unanticipated downtime and off-hire for the ship, Wärtsilä provides 64 000 hours overhaul service for gearboxes.


Key benefits

Reduced risk of gearbox failure, and the prevention of direct and indirect costs, such as repair costs, vessel off hire costs, and penalties.

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