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Exhaust treatment - PAH sensors

We just doubled the lifetime on our SOx sensors

The water monitoring (WM) system form an essential part of the scrubber system to remain in compliance with MARPOL’s Annex VI regulations. Correct PAH measurement is a critical part of the WM system. Thus, Wärtsilä is now offering an upgrade of the PAH sensors for all scrubber systems. The new Titanium PAH is a more robust solution compared to the existing sensor. It needs a factory calibration every 4-four years only, while the standard version must be returned for a check every two years.


  • Titanium sensor - 4 year factory calibration validity vs Stainless Steel sensor’s 2 years validity.
  • Part of the global Wärtsilä Part Exchange Program - Delivered in a shockproof case for easy return of exchange part.
  • Titanium sensor body material and endcap is superior to stainless steel
    • New Sensor body: Titanium
    • New Sensor Endcap: Titanium
    • Sensor Optic cube: PPS
  • Compatible with the older SS version - Plug and play
  • MARPOL compliant
  • Cost savings compared to existing SS sensor

Contact us on ET.LCS@Wartsila.com for more info on how you can upgrade your PAH sensors.

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