Wärtsilä Water Conditioner Unit (WWCU)

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Wärtsilä Water Conditioner Unit (WWCU)

The performance of an engine’s cooling system can be improved, and corrosion prevented by improving the quality of the coolant. The Wärtsilä Water Conditioner Unit improves water quality by adjusting its pH, alkalinity, and hardness, and by controlling scaling, restricting bacterial growth, and removing sludge.

The Wärtsilä Water Conditioner Unit is available for both Marine and Power Plant installations and is delivered as a turnkey solution.

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Key benefits

  • Reliable, cost-efficient engine operation
  • Environmental technology
  • Simplified maintenance


    Reliable, cost-efficient engine operation:

    • Improves water quality, resulting in improved performance and energy efficiency
    • Prevents unexpected corrosion in the engine components, including the cylinder heads, engine block, cylinder liner, and charge air cooler
    • Cost-effective alternative to chemical dosage

    The unit’s environmental technology:

    • Provides cooling water treatment without chemicals
    • Enables engine operation at design values, thereby reducing emissions (NOx)

    Simplified maintenance means:

    • Economical maintenance of the unit, with consumables limited to the filter material

    Prevention of corrosion-related repairs to the engine, such as machining of seat pockets


    4-stroke engines in Marine and Power Plant installations

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