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Wärtsilä Vasa 32 Low NOx and performance upgrades

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Wärtsilä Vasa 32 Low NOx and performance upgrades

The Wärtsilä Vasa 32 engine family was manufactured for three decades with several evolution concepts. Constant product development and legislation changes may have outdated older engines in terms of emissions and fuel consumption. They can also have higher maintenance costs due to aging components. However, most Vasa 32 diesel engines have great potential for conceptual upgrades in addition to regular overhauls.

The Low NOx and performance upgrade process involves boosting air charging, enhancing compression properties, and changing engine timing to reach more efficient combustion, all while controlling the cylinder peak pressures for efficiency and emissions. The upgrade to a later engine design concept, ultimately up to the so-called "Miller Tier 1" concept reduces SFOC by up to 5 g/kWh, according to laboratory tests performed with an engine running at 85% load. Depending on the initial engine capability and selected upgrade concept, a combination of NOx Tier I or II and SFOC benefit level can be chosen.

For all upgrades, a full pre-evaluation by Wärtsilä, required engineering, deliveries, installation, and commissioning are covered by a single supply contract. It is a comprehensive, tailored package that boosts engine performance, reduces operating costs, and increases operational flexibility - all while helping you to comply with increasingly strict emission requirements. The Low NOx and Performance upgrades are recommended for engines operating mainly between 50% and 100% load, under extreme environmental conditions, or when compliance with increasing NOx regulations is needed. Reducing fuel consumption in many occasions helps lowering operational costs and compliance new CO2 reduction regulations.

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Key benefits

  • Enable fuel savings up to 5 g/kWh, with simultaneous CO2-reduction.
  • Reduce maintenance costs, especially for older turbochargers and pistons.
  • Enable a reduction in NOx emissions in line with IMO Tier I or II limits.
  • Increase operational flexibility with the latest design component availability and durability.
  • Increase turbocharger speed margin by 10%.
  • Payback period as short as two years.

    Technical info

    The upgrade is a package solution that includes all the necessary parts, works, and documentation for the selected concept. The need for site audit and final engine tuning will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Delivery includes:

    • Refurbished or new turbocharger and charge air cooler for increased efficiency.
    • New camshaft for the correct valve timing for the selected upgrade concept.
    • Re-designed cylinder liners, pistons, and connecting rods for older engines.
    • New or modified cylinder head.
    • Engine tuning.
    • SOLAS insulation for the turbocharger.
    • Automation components.
    • Components needed to install the new turbocharger on the engine.
    • Installation and commissioning.
    • New engine tools for the upgraded parts.


    • The earliest generation Vasa 32 engines may be Low NOx -converted, making them IMO EIAPP Tier 1 or Tier 2 compliant.
    • Most second-generation engines manufactured from the early ‘90s can be converted to a full "Vasa LN" engine, offering both Tier 1 compliance and fuel consumption savings over the earlier generations.
    • 6R, 12V, 16V and 18V cylinder "LN" engines, and older generations capable of the same, are eligible for the "Miller"-upgrade.
    • Similar technical upgrades and benefits are applicable to land-based powerplant engines as well.

    Boost your engine with a Wärtsilä performance upgrade

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