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Wärtsilä Troubleshooting Measurement Services

Issues such as engine vibration, noise, poor performance, and unwanted shutdowns often require specialist attention rather than routine maintenance. Wärtsilä troubleshooting measurement services not only help to identify the root causes of faults, they can also help to improve the operational economy of the power unit and ensure compliance with existing standards and regulations. These services can provide the data needed to reduce noise and vibration on a cruise ship, for example, or reduce downtime and fuel consumption in a power plant.

Key benefits

  • Help in finding root causes of problems
  • Use measurement data to reduce downtime and fuel consumption, optimise maintenance, improve safety, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with existing standards and regulations
  • Reliable results from Wärtsilä specialists using advanced measurement methods

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    Technical info

    These and other performance parameters can be measured:

    • Cylinder pressures
    • Noise and vibration of installation
    • Torsional vibrations
    • Load of flexible couplings
    • Pressure pulsations
    • Pressures and temperatures of installation
    • Thermal scanning for SOLAS compliance and electrical systems
    • Engine performance


    All troubleshooting measurement is available for all 4-stroke engines in the Wärtsilä portfolio, both in Marine and Power Plant applications. Most of the measurements are also applicable for other 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines.

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