Wärtsilä Receiver temperature dew point control

The Wärtsilä Receiver temperature dew point control improves the efficiency and reliability of the engine’s operation while also lowering fuel consumption and emissions. The Wärtsilä Receiver temperature dew point control is a fully automated solution that dynamically adjusts the low temperature water flow so that the charge air is at the optimal temperature. This prevents condensation in the charge air receiver, thus preventing corrosion and reducing the risk of engine damage.

Dew point control systems have demonstrated their effectiveness in Wärtsilä land-based power plants, and are now available as a retrofit for marine installations.

    Technical info

    The Wärtsilä Receiver temperature dew point control has been designed with standard components to cover various Wärtsilä 46 engine configurations and water control systems.

    • One control cabinet and humidity sensor to be installed per engine room
    • The Wärtsilä Receiver temperature dew point control serves up to 4 engines
    • To be connected so as to control the 3-way valve of the low temperature cooling water
      • In installations with a controllable 3-way low temperature valve, the unit can be connected directly
      • In installations with wax element thermostatic valves, the valve and piping need to be modified to include a controllable 3-way valve.
      • Reduced risk of corrosion in the charge air system and inlet valves
      • Increased equipment lifetime  
      • Improved fuel economy
      • Decreased CO2 and NOx emissions
      • Optimized smoke levels at low load
      • Installation can be carried out while the vessel is in operation
    • Wärtsilä 46 engines in cruise ships and car ferries
    • Other Wärtsilä 4-stroke engines as a customised solution


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