Wärtsilä Electronic wastegate upgrade

The wastegate valve is used in Wärtsilä 34SG engines to allow the charge air pressure to be adjusted depending on the engine speed and load. Our upgrade gives you a faster valve reaction time, improving engine stability. You also benefit from more comprehensive wastegate operation data, such as the actual valve position compared to the set position. This information allows for a controlled engine stop and proactive maintenance in cases where wastegate valve deviation exceeds limits.

    Technical info

    The main components include:

    • Butterfly valve
    • Electrical actuator
    • Integration hardware including shaft coupling
    • Enables faster reaction times for the wastegate valve position control, improving engine stability
    • Provides wastegate valve diagnostics and operation data via the Wärtsilä Operator Interface System (WOIS), enabling a controlled engine stop and maintenance in case of deviation
    • Slightly reduces NOx emissions due to lower engine load fluctuation
    • The new set up uses fewer components than the previous one so there is less need for maintenance and operator intervention
    • Improves wastegate valve performance and reliability
    Available as a retrofit solution for power plants with medium-speed engine applications, particularly with Wärtsilä 34SG gas engines.

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