Wärtsilä Health check for two-stroke main engine

Managing the operational risks of main engines is crucial to maintaining competitiveness in the shipping market. Wärtsilä Health checks provide a clear picture of the main engine’s condition and reveal the implications for reliability, fuel consumption and lubrication oil consumption.

    Technical info

    Depending on the customer requirements, the customized engine check covers all elements of an engine:

    • General engine inspection
    • Piston underside inspection
    • Cams, rollers and gears
    • Fuel pump and fuel linkage
    • Engine control and cylinder lubrication system
    • Performance evaluation.
    • Detection and classification of main engine reliability risks
    • Identification of options for action
    • Clear recommendations
    • Modular scope of inspection
    Wärtsilä Health checks are available for all 2-stroke main engines.

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