Wärtsilä Fuel efficiency boost

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Wärtsilä Fuel efficiency boost

A high efficiency of the main engine is a key factor for the profitable transport of cargo by vessels. An upgrade with the Wärtsilä Fuel efficiency boost enables the fuel costs of two-stroke engines to be reduced considerably while complying with exhaust emission regulations.

A well balanced combination of an increased compression ratio and modified injector nozzles combined with optimized engine tuning parameters allows fuel savings of up to 4% without significantly increasing the NOx emissions.

Key benefits

  • Reduction of fuel consumption by up to 4% depending on engine load, rating and certified NOx emissions
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases
  • NOx levels remain within the Tier II limits

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In an unpredictable market where vessel rates and fuel prices are either high or uncertain, the need to reduce spend on ship fuel is a key priority. The same goes for the need to cut GHG emissions and local pollution by reducing fuel consumption. The Wärtsilä FEB delivers optimal operational efficiency, while also enabling ship owners and charterers to comply with IMO legislation and growing sustainability demands.

Jungyong Park, Product Manager, Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Engine Services

    Technical info

    The delivery of the product contains the following modifications:

    • Increase of compression ratio and firing pressure by higher compression shim
    • Injection nozzle with bigger bore to shorten the injection duration
    • Optimization of engine tuning parameters 


    RT-flex82T, RT-flex58T-D, RT-flex58T-E, RT-flex82C, X82 and X72 engines

    Fuel saving feedback from the pilot installation

    WX82 3D
    daily fuel consumption per speed

    The pilot installation of Wärtsilä Fuel efficiency boost shows around 10~12 ton / day lower fuel consumption than sister vessel in the same route and resulted to 1,195 ton of fuel saving in 9 months.

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