Wärtsilä Intelligent combustion monitoring

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Wärtsilä Intelligent combustion monitoring

Continuous monitoring of engine performance to improve reliability, reduce operation costs, and minimize off-hire costs

The Wärtsilä Intelligent Combustion Monitoring system for two-stroke diesel engines provides continuous engine performance measurement and monitoring, based on the sophisticated technology of the well-known ABB Cylmate® system. By uniquely combining measurements of the cylinder pressure and crankshaft position, together with advanced mathematical modeling of the engine, highly accurate, real-time data for monitoring and diagnostic analysis is provided. The quality of the data ensures significant benefits from improved reliability, reductions in operating costs, and the minimizing of off-hire costs.

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Key benefits

  • Intelligent Combustion Monitoring provides critical information necessary for obtaining optimum and reliable engine performance
    - 24/7 Performance monitoring will detect and identify faults in the engine at a very early stage
  • Reduced maintenance and fuel costs – resulting in a short payback time
    - Condition-based maintenance will prolong the life of components and minimize operating costs
    - A well balanced engine will avoid thermal and mechanical overloads by ensuring that the power distribution is equal between the cylinders
  • A “black-box function” keeps track of the history behind the combustion alarms
  • An optimized engine makes it easier to comply with environmental regulations

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    Technical info

    Intelligent Combustion Monitoring is a powerful tool for monitoring diesel engine performance. The combustion pressure is measured in each cylinder, continuously and in parallel, under all load conditions. The risk of mechanical or thermal overloading of individual cylinders, or of the engine itself, can be avoided thanks to the Cylmate analysis and monitoring functions. Furthermore, cylinder conditions can be optimized and the engine can easily be balanced and tuned in order to improve running performance.


    RD44, RD56, RD68, RD76, RD90, RLA56, RLA66, RLA90, RLB66, RLB76, RLB90, RND105, RND68, RND68M, RND76, RND76M, RND90, RND90M, RT-FLEX50, RT-FLEX50-B, RT-FLEX50-D, RT-FLEX58T, RT-FLEX58T-B, RT-FLEX58T-D, RT-FLEX58T-G, RT-FLEX60C, RT-FLEX60C-B, RT-FLEX68-B, RT-FLEX68-D, RT-FLEX82C, RT-FLEX82T, RT-FLEX84T-D, RT-FLEX96C, RT-FLEX96C-B, RT-FLEX96C-D, RTA38, RTA48, RTA48T, RTA48T-B, RTA48T-D, RTA52, RTA52U, RTA52U-B, RTA58, RTA58T, RTA58T-B, RTA58T-D, RTA62, RTA62U, RTA62U-B, RTA68, RTA68-B, RTA68-D, RTA72, RTA72U, RTA72U-B, RTA72UB, RTA76, RTA82C, RTA82T, RTA84, RTA84C, RTA84C-U, RTA84CU, RTA84M, RTA84T, RTA84T-B, RTA84T-D, RTA96C, RTA96C-B, RTA96C-D, RF68, RF76, RLBF56, RLBF90, RNF68, RNF68M, RNF90M, W-X35, W-X40, W-X62, W-X72, W-X82, W-X92

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