Wärtsilä FAST upgrade

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Wärtsilä FAST upgrade

Unburnt fuel from the sac volume of a classical injector leads to incomplete combustion, which increases emissions and fuel consumption. This also forms increased combustion deposits in the exhaust gas system and piston running components, which may lead to extra maintenance costs for cleaning or component replacements.

The Fuel Activated Sacless Technology (FAST) reduces the amount of unburnt fuel and reduces fuel consumption. It improves the combustion quality significantly and lowers hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions. Service experience  proves that the exhaust gas and piston running components  of engines operated with FAST nozzles are considerably cleaner than those of other engines. FAST nozzles have been designed to reach longer lifetime than classical injection nozzles, and have lengthened the  time between overhauls of up to 18.000 running hours.

Key benefits

  • Reduced operational costs thanks to fuel savings of up to 1%
  • Reduced maintenance as exhaust and piston running components remain cleaner thanks to improved combustion
  • Longer time between overhauls for injector nozzle

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    Technical info

    Thanks to a prolonged injector needle and adapted nozzle atomizer, Wärtsilä FAST upgrade reduces the sac volume by up to 90%.

    All fuel per cycle is injected with full injection pressure into the cylinder for improved atomization. As the amount of unburnt fuel is reduced and the injection performance improved, the hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions are significantly reduced. Moreover, the fuel consumption at part load is lowered by up to 1%.



    The FAST upgrade is available for all Wärtsilä 2-stroke engines with the following product reference type and specification:

    • Medium size: RT-flex50 B/D, RT-flex58T/B/D/E, RT-flex60C/CB, RT-flex68B/D Tier2, RT-flex82C Tier1 (up to 75% load Contract Maximum Continuous Rating)
    • Large size: RT-flex82C Tier2, RT-flex82T, RT-flex84T-D Tier2 only, RTA96C, RT-flex96C-B without WHR, RT-flex96C-B with WHR (up to 75% load Contract Maximum Continuous Rating, only after confirmation of tests).

    For other product reference types, please consult Wärtsilä.

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