Wärtsilä 34SG
Grid stability / emergency gas power plant

Always ready to deliver power to the grid instantly and efficiently in any operating profile makes this plant perfect for peaking and reseve power applications.

  • Ultra fast start capability provides megawatts to the grid in seconds and full plant output in less than 2 minutes
  • Able to provide non-spinning secondary reserve thanks to a 30-second ultra fast sync time
  • The flexibility of a hydro plant in a gas-fired plant
  • Genset is easily transported in one piece to challenging locations
  • Able to provide grid blackstart capability and re-energize a grid even with low gas pressure
  • Extremely low standby consumption, <1 kW per MW of installed power

Key figures
    Output & configuration
    Plant output  MW   20-400 
    Configuration    2-24x 20V34SG
    Efficiency  48 
    Ramp rate  % load /min >100
    Minimum load  Efficiency mode  %  3
     Spinning mode %  30 
    Loading & unloading
    Sync Full
    Regular start time min < 2 < 10
    Fast start time min < 2 < 5
    Ultra fast start time min:sec 00:30 1:30
    Stop time min 1

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