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Wärtsilä oil lubricated seals
Wärtsilä has an extensive oil lubricated portfolio

Wärtsilä oil lubricated seals

The technologies behind all Wärtsilä oil lubricated sealing products are a result of many years of experience and development. Maximising longevity while facilitating servicing and maintaining exemplary sealing performance. Our fundamental philosophy has always revolved around providing environmentally friendly solutions which meet world regulations and achieve cost efficiency for our customers. Within the oil lubricated seal product range, Wärtsilä offers wide variety of operating profiles, high performance face and lip type seals, which minimise the risk of oil spills into the sea water.

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Thanks to our years of experience in the field of oil lubricated solutions, we are able to determine the best solution in terms of performance and cost, in compliance with the needs and requirements of the customer."


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