Wärtsilä 26

Compact & light unit with low operating costs, also used for generating set applications

The Wärtsilä 26 was developed in response to a need in the market for a new engine in the 260 mm cylinder bore class. The shortest and lowest engine in its class, the Wärtsilä 26 requires minimal space in the engine room.

Wärtsilä works in close co-operation with its customers when conducting field tests and monitoring selected test components. The Wärtsilä 26 has fewer parts, less maintenance requirements, low fuel consumption, reduced emission levels, and has the ability to run reliably on a variety of fuels.

The Wärtsilä 26 engine is fully compliant with the IMO Tier II exhaust emissions regulations set out in Annex VI of the MARPOL 73/78 convention.

    Technical data
    Wärtsilä 26 IMO Tier II or III
    Cylinder bore 260 mm Fuel specification: Fuel oil
    Piston stroke 320 mm 700 cSt/50°C
    Cylinder output 340 kW/cyl 7200 sR1/100°F
    Speed 1000rpm ISO 8217, category ISO-F-RMK 700
    Mean effective pressure 24 bar SFOC 188,7 g/kWh at ISO condition
    Piston speed 10.7m/s

    Dimensions (mm) and weights (tonnes)
    Engine type F
    dry sump
    wet sump
    dry sump
    wet sump
    6L26 818 950 17.0 17.2
    8L26 818 950 21.6 21.9
    9L26 818 950 23.3 23.6
    12V26 800 1110 28.7 29.0
    16V26 800 1110 36.1 37.9

     Wärtsilä 26

    Rated power
    Engine type kW
    6L26 2 040
    8L26 2720
    9L26 3 060
    12V26 4 080
    16V26 5 440

    Dimensions (mm) and weights (tonnes)
    Engine type A* A B* B C* C D
    6L26 4387 4130 1882 1833 1960 2020 2430
    8L26 5302 5059 2023 1868 2010 2107 2430
    9L26 5691 5449 2023 1868 2016 2107 2430
    12V26 5442 5314 2034 2034 2552 2602 2060
    16V26 6223 6025 2151 2190 2489 2763 2060


    • Stadt Valiant
      Delivered in 2009, the Valiant is a 90 BP escort tug powered by two Wärtsilä 8L26 engines, and is well suited for missions such as offshore terminal assistance and coastal towing.

      Stadt Valiant

    • Oceanic Vega
      The Oceanic Vega is a seismic research vessel christened in 2010.

      Innovative thinking has always been one of our competitive advantages, and Wärtsilä’s maintenance concept adds to this thinking.
      Jan Fredrik Meling, CEO, Eidesvik

      Oceanic Vega

    • Gitte Henning S349
      The propulsion equipment package include a Wärtsilä 9L32 main engine with new design, gear, controllable pitch propeller (CPP), HR Nozzle, Wärtsilä 8L26 auxiliary engine, as well as related equipment – including NOx reducers for both engines.

      Gitte Henning S349

    • PZM Comandante Toro
      The Patrulleros de Zona Marítima (PZM) are a series of offshore patrol vessels being built for the Navies of Chile, Argentina and Colombia. A key factor in Wärtsilä winning the contract for the Chilean OPVs was the company’s ability to supply complete, integrated propulsion systems.

      PZM Comandante Toro

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