Enable remote simulation training to expand your business and deliver your service anytime and anywhere with Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation developed by Wärtsilä Voyage

More Trainees with Less Effort

Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation provides our customers with an effective solution to deliver classroom training remotely. The cloud-based training platform enables schools and training centres to continue providing their services in a standard way addressing the current challenge of social isolation. The solution provides group access to instructor stations and simulators away from the campus on PCs, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices, it can utilize training materials and scenarios produced for your local classroom application.


Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation is one of the latest developments in simulation. It is aimed at providing access to a simulator outside of the training facility, on demand, to support customers’ training needs.

It is provided through the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model, allowing the user to have remote access to application software deployed in the cloud, databases and content (exercises and scenarios). Instructors will be able to easily access and manage the application anytime, anywhere and with a wide range of devices.


Cloud Radar Workplace


Cloud ECDIS Workplace


Engine Control Room Console, PSV model


Water Mist Release in Purifier Room


TGS Tutor Cloud Workplace

Try Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation via OTG’s online training platform
Our strategic partnership with OTG (Ocean Technologies Group) provides industry stakeholders in maritime learning – shipping companies, maritime training providers, crewing agencies, and seafarers – with a unique opportunity to be connected on a single end-to-end learning journey. The solution combines on-demand digital training and assessment, virtual and simulation events via cloud-based solutions, and in-person learning experiences at maritime training centres or aboard ship – all training and certification options on one platform.

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How does It Work?

Train anywhere, at any time and with individually tailored content

  1. Instructor schedules session
  2. Instructor and Trainees' receive access links
  3. Instructor uploads exercise and delivers the training
  4. Debriefing session performed
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Always up-to-date simulator version available.


Costs effective

No hardware administrating, upgrading and maintenance costs.


Smart support

Qualified technical support engineers make sure your solution is up and running when you schedule it.



Try it before you buy it and pay for the use only.



Available online, anytime and anywhere in the world, via the Internet.



Same simulator software as in a your classroom installation.


Flexible Configuration

Use the number of workplaces you need.


Content Management

Wärtsilä Cloud Simulation makes it easy to build courses, assign them to students, and accurately track the results.


Enhanced Remote Collaboration

Invite instructors from anywhere in the world to deliver the training

We are very pleased to have this next-generation of blended-learning solutions delivered by Wärtsilä Voyage. The bespoke training that this solution allows to deliver will undeniably enhance the training experience of our students. The Wärtsilä Voyage distance learning application will surely open up many new training opportunities inside and outside the physical classroom
Capt. Clive Hotham, Head of Marine Short Courses and Simulator, Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy

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