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Wärtsilä Vessel Traffic Management System is designed to effectively manage vessel traffic in ports, harbours, and coastal areas. Wärtsilä offers high tech solutions that optimize planning, traffic monitoring, environmental protection and coastal security, even in the most demanding situations. Our advanced and cost-effective products are compliant with all IMO and IALA maritime traffic security regulation codes.

    Key features


    • Scheduling of approaching vessels optimizes port load and increases efficiency
    • Operator receives dynamic information concerning the VTS area from the automatic processing and fusion of data from various sensors, such as radars, AIS, CCTV, RDF, GMDSS, weather stations
    • Electronic chart overlay, combined with vessel positions and sensor data, provides a complete traffic overview
    • Traffic management tools provide a basis for traffic coordination
    • communication equipment allows for interacting with vessels
    • Distribution of common data to several operations stations improves vts teamwork
    • Advanced decision support system helps operators to recognize a dangerous situation long before it escalates, thereby increasing safety
    • 3D VTS significantly enhances situational awareness
    • Open interfaces enable information exchange between VTS and other services
    • Recording system stores all data for post-voyage debriefing and accident analysis


      VTS components
      How it works
      VTS process
      • Sensor sites collect information for the port area and approaches
      • Control Center integrates sensor data and provides traffic image to VTS operator
      • System enables the provision of VTS services in accordance with IALA recommendations

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