Wärtsilä Offshore Solutions

Wärtsilä Offshore Solutions meet the specific needs of the Offshore and Oil & Gas sectors. Designed to protect offshore installations, they enable effective monitoring and tracking of activities in a guarded zone to preserve the environment and safeguard personnel. Real-time accurate monitoring of vessels approaching and entering the protection zones helps to prevent accidental damage and identifies potential threats to offshore platforms or oil rigs.

    Tasks of Offshore Monitoring Solutions

    Vessel Traffic Monitoring around offshore intallations:

    • Oil and Gas platforms
    • Floating production storage and offloading units
    • Underwater piplines or cables
    • Offshore windfarms and renewable energy power stations

    Controlling offshore maritime activities:

    • Coordination of maritime operations around offshore construction areas
    • Providing safety and security around the installation area
    • Analysis and investigation of accidents, incidents and near-misses
    • SAR operations support
    • Advanced strike prediction module provides early warning regarding all approaching unauthorized vessels of any type
    • Anchoring detection system helps to protect underwater installations from damage; such as cables or pipelines
    • Special tools help operators to improve coordination of maritime operations
    • Long-range detection of even small targets provides security of the installation area
    • Clear audio and visual presentation of alarms allows for asset coordination to be combined with other tasks
    • Integration of oil spill detection system protects the environment
    • Virtual AtoN broadcast improves safety of installations
    • Integration of multiple sensors allows a single control center to protect several installations
    • Integration with ADS-B displays helicopter traffic
    • Moving of infrastructure to onshore premises reduces installation costs


      How it works
      • Sensors detect all traffic movements around the oil and gas platforms or windfarms
      • The system automatically provides early warning for unauthorized approaching traffic
      • The same data can be delivered to standby vessels 
      • A joint control center for several installations can be provided in offshore or onshore locations

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