Wärtsilä Coastal Surveillance Systems

Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS) are mission-critical solutions based on the latest software and equipment. They employ all the features  necessary to provide Coast Guards with real-time information on activities occurring within coastal areas. The systems ensure full control over an entire coastline area by providing accurate detection, tracking, and identification of small and high-speed targets that enter the coastal zone under surveillance. CSS guarantee complete shore-based situational awareness, thereby preventing illegal activities while protecting lives at sea, the environment, and critical onshore infrastructures from intruders.

    Tasks of CSS

    Monitoring and control of  maritime areas such as:

    • Territorial waters
    • Port areas according to ISPS
    • Exclusive economic areas
    • Environmentally sensitive areas
    • Military training areas, etc.

    Detection and prevention of illegal activities:

    • Unauthorized access to protected areas
    • Piracy
    • Terrorism
    • Smuggling
    • Drug trafficking
    • Illegal fishing
    Key Benefits 
    • Integration of local and regional operations into a national-scale system improves the chain of command
    • Aggregation of data from many sensor types allows for detection of small targets
    • Integrated CCTV/EOS helps to visually identify unknown targets
    • Advanced radar processing system tracks high-speed manoeuvring targets
    • multipurpose target classification (friend or foe) improves awareness
    • Long-range sensors can extend coverage to the edge of an Exclusive
      Economic Zone (EEZ)
    • Mobile sensor sites improve surveillance
    • Anomaly detection module picks out targets exhibiting suspicious behavior amongst all vessel traffic
    • Enhanced monitoring and control of own assets facilitates interception
    • Data is stored for historical trend analysis and statistics
    • Full all-component redundancy provides continuous operations

      How it works

      • Sensor sites collect data from the country’s entire coastline  
      • Mobile sites and the Coast Guard’s own ships can fill any gaps in the coverage of stationary sites
      • Control centers provide a common operational picture according to their area of responsibility
      • National control center receives aggregated information for top-level decision-making
      • Interception orders can be delivered directly to patrol vessels

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