Wärtsilä Low-speed engine dual-fuel tanker simulator
Wärtsilä Low-speed engine dual-fuel tanker simulator

Comprehensive and flexible solution for training and assessment of ship engineers and LNG bunkering personnel.

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Wärtsilä Low-speed engine dual-fuel tanker simulator

Our market-leading engine and LNG bunkering operations training solution leverages 25 years of experience in advanced mathematical and visual modelling, ensuring the best learning experience delivered in flexible training mediums. The low-speed engine DF tanker model can run in either a physical Wärtsilä simulator or through Wärtsilä Cloud simulation services, allowing flexible, scalable and blended learning approaches. With pre-made exercises and high-quality training content assures a ready-to-train solution that complies with, and even goes beyond, the STCW training requirements.

Key benefits

  • Cost-efficient training and assessment: Do all or parts of your training online, using cloud simulation, reducing travel costs as well as your environmental footprint.
  • Boosts training volume: Adjust trainee throughput in your training programs on-demand and apply anywhere in the world. Automated training and assessment scenarios remove any instructional limitations.
  • Flexible, scalable, blended learning: Apply a blended learning approach for individuals or engineering teams with physical and cloud-based simulation, complimented by e-learning content. The simulator exercises can be shared between the delivery mediums.
  • Ready-to-train solution: The simulator comes with pre-made exercises and content linked to the training objectives and requirements.

Key features

  • Full set of courseware and exercises for familiarisation and training of:
  • Electronically controlled common-rail technology.
    - Low-pressure gas injection and exhaust valve operations.
    - Typical engine room design with relevant subsystems.
    - Operations with diesel generators and related equipment.
    - Propulsion control system.
    - Power management system operations.
    - LNG bunkering preparation and procedures.
  • High-fidelity modelling of the dual-fuel engine behaviour and LNG bunkering processes.
  • Set-up available online as well as for physical training sites.
  • Enables both instructor-led classes and automated self-directed simulation in the cloud, integrated into Ocean Learning platform, allowing end-to-end competence management.

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