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    Fulfilling Tomorrow's Needs Today

Wärtsilä proudly introduces EvoTube®.

Our latest breakthrough in Shaft Line technology, poised to redefine efficiency and environmental responsibility in marine propulsion systems.

EvoTube®: Fulfilling Tomorrow's Needs Today

Wärtsilä introduces EvoTube®, a revolutionary and patented advancement in Shaft Line technology for marine propulsion systems, reducing risk and simplifying operations. While based on a conventional stern tube, the EvoTube® is a significantly simplified system with fewer components than a conventional stern tube system. The inboard seal is mounted directly on the aft bearing housing, and the forward bearing is replaced with a standalone bearing inside the engine room. Its intelligent design optimises space utilisation and eases maintenance tasks.

The EvoTube® concept is suitable for both oil and water lubrication systems, also facilitating future conversion from oil to water lubrication systems, effectively environmentally future-proofing vessels anytime during the vessel’s operational life.

EvoTube® Benefits for Owners/Operators


  • Suitable for oil & water lube systems.
  • Simplified system – no forward stern tube bearing means less that can go wrong & less maintenance.
  • Low risk, based on existing technology.
  • Frees up valuable cargo space.
  • Easier future modification from oil to water lubrication.
  • Permits easier maintenance of equipment onboard.

Oil lubrication

  • Stern tube lubrication oil was reduced by ~90%.
  • Improved through-life quality of the stern tube oil due to simplified oil maintenance during operation.
  • Simplified oil management during maintenance of the Stern tube seals.
  • Can modify from oil-lubrication to water-lubrication.

Water lubrication

  • Eliminates shaft corrosion – no shaft coatings are required as for conventional water- lubricated stern tubes.
  • Enables full in-water serviceability including aft bearing replacement.
  • Compact design, free’s up valuable cargo space and permits easier maintenance of equipment onboard. 
EvoTube® EvoTube®

“I'm thrilled to announce EvoTube®—a game-changer in marine propulsion. Wärtsilä's commitment to innovation shines through in this technology, offering shipowners and operators an environmental future proof option of seamless transition from Oil to Water. EvoTube® is not just a product; it's a testament to our dedication to advancing the maritime industry with cutting-edge solutions that simplify operations while minimizing environmental impact."

Rob Burford, VP Wärtsilä Shaft Line Solutions

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