Gas valve unit

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Gas valve unit

The gas valve unit (GVU) controls the gas feed pressure according to the engine load. In addition, the unit ensures safe maintenance on the engine and performs a leakage test of the automatic shut-off valves before the engine starts operating on gas. In case of hazardous events, the unit will automatically inert the gas line with nitrogen. A gas valve unit is needed for each engine, to control the engine-specific gas pressure. The Gas Valve Units can be installed directly in the engine room.


Technical features

Wärtsilä Gas Valve Unit enables:

  • Efficient space utilisation
  • Minimised amount of interface
  • Unequalled reliability
  • Common Control system with the engines through Wärtsilä UNIC

    Technical data

    Main Components*

    • Manual shut off valve
    • Gas filter
    • Block and bleed valve arrangement
    • Flowmeter (optional)
    • Pressure control valve
    • Nitrogen inerting valves
    • Ventilation valves

    * Available as enclosed type (GVU-ED™️)and Open Type (GVU-OD™️)
    (Include two pictures uploaded below)


    Wärtsilä can deliver the GVU for Wärtsilä 4S engines and 2S WinGD engines for any applicable type of ship


    GVU-OD Dimensions

    GVU-ED Dimensions

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