Definitions and notes

Generating set dimensions

A - Total length of the generating set.
E - Total width of the generating set.
I - Distance from the bottom of the common baseframe to the crankshaft centreline.
K - Minimum height from the crankshaft centreline when removing a piston.
L - Total height of the generating set.

Dimensions and weights

  • Dimensions are in millimetres and weights are in metric tonnes.
  • Indicated values are for guidance only and are not binding.
  • Cylinder configurations: L = in-line and V = v-form.


Specific fuel energy consumption

  • At ISO standard reference conditions at 85% load
  • Lower calorific value of fuel 42 700 kJ/kg
  • Tolerance 5%
  • With engine driven pumps
  • Natural gas
  • Methane number min. 80
  • Lower heating value min. 28 MJ/Nm3
  • Gas pressure 5.5 bar


ISO standard reference conditions

Total barometric pressure: 1.0 bar
Suction air temperature: 25 °C
Charge air, or scavenge air, cooling water temperature: 25 °C
Relative humidity: 30%