Wärtsilä at International WorkBoat Show 2023
International WorkBoat Show

November 29 - December 1, 2023 | Morial Convention Center, New Orleans LA | Booth no. 702

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Meet us at the International Workboat Show 2023: Navigating decarbonisation with confidence

November 29 - December 1, 2023 | Morial Convention Center, New Orleans LA | Booth no. 702

Let’s connect once again in New Orleans with fellow maritime industry leaders! Visit us to know the latest on technology than will set you with certainty on the right path to decarbonisation, profitability and compliance.

We will be showcasing our key solutions, technology and collaborative approach supporting the maritime industry. Visit us at our stand to get answers to your questions and gain insight from our experts.

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Our experts on Decarbonisation, electrification & hybrid technologies, and smart sensors & dynamic positioning are available by appointment. When you book a meeting with our experts, you'll have the chance to tap into their deep expertise and benefit from personalized advice for your specific needs.

IMPORTANT - all appointments are subject to review, registering is not confirmation of the appointment.


Our experts on decarbonization will guide you on customized decarbonization strategies based on your fleet's unique challenges and opportunities. We can also guide you with recommendations in newbuilds and selecting the right retrofit and upgrade solutions for your existing fleet. Our goal is to unlock the benefits of decarbonization for you!

John Hatley
John Hatley
General Manager, Market Innovations, Wärtsilä North America Inc.

Smart sensors & Dynamic positioning

Connect with our experts to know how practical and well-engineered DP systems offer precision, reliability, and confidence for your fleet.

Thomas Coggins
General Manager, Engineering, Wärtsilä

Electrification & Hybrid

Electric shipping or ship electrification is one of the key solutions for marine decarbonization. Our experts will guide you in discovering how the electrical solutions can reduce the environmental footprint for your vessels and how the use of hybrid technology and the increasing number of hybrid ships is central to achieving a cleaner, safer, more efficient, and profitable future. Let’s discuss!

Stefano Rascioni
General Manager, Technical Sales, Wärtsilä
Uwe Heine
Chief Technologist, Ship Electrification Solutions, Wärtsilä

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Adopting methanol as marine fuel

If you are considering a switch to low-carbon fuel, methanol is an attractive option. Green methanol has the potential to be carbon free, and it meets current and future emissions targets in terms of NOx, SOx and particulates.

The Wärtsilä 32 methanol engine provides a new route to maritime decarbonisation.

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Wärtsilä at International WorkBoat Show

Maximise the efficiency of your fleet while minimising your environmental impact!

Estimates show that 90% of data generated onboard the ship never leaves the deck. This data, and digitally connected operations, are key to unlocking optimal efficiency and sustainability.

Wärtsilä Fleet Optimisation Solutions (FOS) provides an integrated system to connect navigational data, operational processes, fuel efficiency and more. All of this by integrating systems and communication between ships, shore offices, and ports.

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Fleet Optimisation Solution FOS

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900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States

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