Europort 2023

7 - 10 November 2023 | Rotterdam, Netherlands | Hall 7, Stand 7317

Wärtsilä at Europort 2023: A journey to decarbonisation

7-10 November 2023 | Rotterdam, Netherlands | Hall 7, Stand 7317

Embracing collaboration to drive decarbonisation: explore Wärtsilä’s presence at Europort 2023 and how we’re supporting shipping’s sustainability journey.

We will be showcasing our key solutions, technology and collaborative approach supporting the maritime industry. Visit us at our stand to get answers to your questions and gain insight from our experts.

Meet the experts running the field lab workshops


The need to reduce greenhouse gases is more evident than ever. Driven by new legislation, such as the Carbon Intensity Index CII, ships must continuously improve their operation. How can operators keep up with the improvements that are needed to maintain the CII score on a good level? Get an overview of what can be done today to improve and energy saving technologies helping tomorrow.

Maikel Arts
Maikel Arts
General Manager, Market Innovation Cruise & Ferry, Wärtsilä Marine Power
Teus Van Beek
General Manager - Research & Innovation


The cost of energy storage using batteries has been going down rapidly. Batteries have become cheaper due to the increase production numbers driven by electric vehicles. Today there are around 400 vessel that soon will have hybrid electrical systems.

For shipping, hybrid solutions: mechanical systems with add on energy storage have been growing fast. Find out what potential improvements these systems can offer and let us explore if this an option for your project.

Learn cost benefits ratios from our case studies and find out which solutions would work best for you.

René Zuidam
Senior Sales Manager – Marine Power
Uwe Heine
Chief Technologist, Ship Electrification Solutions, Wärtsilä

Energy Saving

The need to reduce energy consumption is more evident than ever. Reduction of greenhouse gasses requires new power solutions that are still under development. Any energy efficiency improvement made today helps to obtain this target sooner. New systems developed and applied on the youngest generation of vessels have been proven to save significant fuel cost.

Get an overview of energy saving technologies and find out how this would be applied for your case.

Paul Staal
General Manager of Large Projects
Rave Al-Chamary
Product Manager, Energy Saving Technologies, Propulsion, Wärtsilä Marine

Future fuels

IMO targets have been set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on 50% of the world fleet by 2050. This cannot be achieved by energy saving measures alone. Alternative non fossil fuels need to be considered.

Which options exist and how well they are supported by the current infrastructure is the topic of this session. Connecting the renewable energy to shipping helps to reduce the emissions of transport and abate green house gasses. There are a lot of alternatives being talked about but not one seems to have the answer. Learn more on the state of the art of methanol, hydrogen, ammonia and how they can fit into your future.

This field lab will explore all possible options and demonstrate the consequence for your vessel

Sebastiaan Bleuanus
Sebastiaan Bleuanus
General Manager Research Coordination & Funding, Technology Strategy & Innovation
Toni Stojcevski
General Manager, Sales, Wärtsilä
Dick Heidelberg
General Manager Sales - Wärtsilä

Where else to catch Wärtsilä at Europort 2023

8 November

Smart stage

Anders Oster
Senior Project Manager - Research & Technology
Toni Stojcevski
General Manager, Sales, Wärtsilä

9 November

Green stage

Teus Van Beek
General Manager - Research & Innovation
Toni Stojcevski
General Manager, Sales, Wärtsilä

How to find us at the event venue

Rotterdam Ahoy nv
Ahoy-weg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam
P.O BOX 5106
3008 AC Rotterdam

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