RRS James Cook

Delivered in 2006, the Royal Research Ship (RRS) James Cook is fitted with a propulsion system designed to eliminate underwater radiated noise whilst operating at 11 knots.

The two fixed pitch propellers are driven by four Wärtsilä 9L20 double elastically mounted generating sets producing 7,0 MW.

The ship has been built to meet the ICES Cooperative Research Report no. 209 – Underwater Noise of Research Vessels, so called ICES 209 standard, meaning she is one of the quietest research vessels currently afloat. 

The RRS James Cook operates worldwide in all climates - from the tropics to the edge of the ice sheets, enabling leading-edge multidisciplinary research.

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is the UK's main agency for funding and managing world-class research, training, and knowledge exchange in the field of environmental sciences.

RRS James Cook, research vessel, 2006

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