Maersk Drilling

Maersk Drilling Australia was established to oversee projects in Australia, representing its parent company that has been operating world-wide since 1972 and is one of the leaders in the offshore exploration industry. The global fleet consists of deep-water semisubmersibles, drilling barges and jack-up rigs including the world’s largest and most advanced harsh environment jack-ups.

Maersk Drilling Australia, the rig manager of the Nan Hai VI, and COSL, the rig owner, presented Wärtsilä with an interesting problem.

– We wanted Wärtsilä to determine the root cause of the power management issues and produce a plan to resolve them without interrupting our drilling project in Australia,Ulrich Neumann says.

It might sound easy, but finding a solution that would ensure continuous operation was not that simple. The core problem, an obsolete power management system, was notgoing to be a minor upgrade.

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