Tugs Jin Gang Lun 31 & 32, Tianjin Port

As part of its strategic goal to accelerate the construction of world-class green, smart-hub operations, Tianjin Port in China has invested in a pair of innovative towing and piloting vessels.

The tugs, Jin Gang Lun 31 and 32, are the first two vessels built according to the China Classification Society’s class notation of i-Ship, with sub-notations for Intelligent Navigation, Intelligent Machinery, Intelligent Energy Efficiency Management and Intelligent Integration Platform. In addition, they were awarded the "Global best small working vessels of 2019" by International Tug & OSV magazine.

The Jin Gang Lun 31 and 32 are the first two tugs in Tianjin Port powered by a set of Wärtsilä’s highly efficient W20 engines. Each engine is each rated at 1200 kW, 1000 RPM, and is equipped with comprehensive equipment that enables monitoring of all engine operation through the control system. This, combined with the thruster and hull line, result in a smart, reliable and sustainable performance with a free-running speed of almost 14,5 knots and bollard pull of 36 tonnes.  

The natural choice for tugs

With the utmost power-to-weight and power-to-space ratio in combination with great flexibility in engine support arrangements, the W20 is easily manageable and maintainable for crew. And thanks to its modular design, the system requires minimal consumables.

In addition, the W20 reduces emissions to air as the engine provides improved combustion performance at low loads – an important development as regulations regarding air pollution at port are continually being assessed and further adjusted.

The engines have a relatively high power density and their compact structure and smart controls make it easy for the crew to conduct daily management and maintenance. The stable performance of Wärtsilä’s main engines ensures that Jin Gang Lun 32 is able to complete round-the-clock piloting operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

- Meng Yongxun, Captain, Tianjin Port Tugboat & Lighter Co.



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