Offshore references

Customer stories about various solutions for sustainable offshore vessel operations

WSD 1000

This unique WSD 1000 design is tailored to meet the specific requirements and operational modes demanded in complex offshore applications.

The vessels will be built by a subsidiary of Nam Cheong Limited, Malaysia’s largest offshore support vessel builder, in one of its subcontracted yards, Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding Ltd, in China.

For each of the four vessels, this comprehensive solution contract comprises the basic customized design, the main power generation system, the propulsion system, the Wärtsilä Low Loss Concept (LLC) electrical system and the automation system. The order follows the successful execution of a similar MPSV order in 2011 for Bumi Armada Berhad featuring a Wärtsilä ship design and fully integrated Wärtsilä machinery, electrical and automation systems.


“We wanted to ‘Asianise’ the design to make it more suitable for Asia Pacific. Through consultation with our customer Bumi Armada, which has extensive experience in the Asian trade, and Wärtsilä, whom we have been working closely with for over a decade, we decided on the WSD 1000.”

Leong Seng Keat, CEO, Nam Cheong Holdings