• KV Barentshav

KV Barentshav

The KV Barentshav, a Norwegian coast guard vessel, has been in operation since 2009. This Wärtsilä Ship Design, VS 794 CGV vessel, represents a new generation of environmental friendly coast guard vessels.

The customized design includes a hybrid propulsion system based on diesel and liquid natural gas (LNG). The efficient propulsion system enables a reduction in CO2 emissions of 25%, and NOx emissions of 90%. It also provides a 25% reduction in fuel costs.

The hull is built along the lines of the North Sea trawler Libas. This is a proven Wärtsilä ship design, and one that maximizes fuel-efficiency and speed. This allows the vessels to perform up to a speed of approx. 16.5 knots using gas generators, up to 18.5 knot mechanically, and above 18.5 knots in hybrid mode.

The CGVs KV Bergen, KV Sortland and KV Barentshav follow the global trends of increased automation and smaller crew sizes. They have a standard crew of 16, while the onboard facilities can support a maximum crew of up to 40 members. This allows even further savings in operating costs.