The X-Expedition comes in three sizes - 60, 108 and 200 metres with up to 250 passengers. The prototype design, designed by superyacht designer Stefano Pastrovich, blends the best details of cruise ships and superyachts, reducing price and purchase time, while keeping the exclusive character of the on-board experience with customised arrangements.

Type Small capacity luxury cruise vessel 
Length overall 60, 108 and 200 metres
Propulsion Hybrid propulsion system

Wärtsilä HY
Exterior design

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The XVintage is a concept where the design integrates LNG technology, the result is an innovative 99m concept, the first dual fuel, IMO Tier III compliant yacht


HY - Energy cube with propulsion

The Wärtsilä HY is a fully integrated hybrid power module combining engines, an energy storage system, and power electronics optimised to work together through a newly developed energy management system. It is the marine sector’s first hybrid power module of this type produced, thereby establishing a new industry benchmark in marine hybrid propulsion.

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Unparalleled luxury on the HY seas

In boating circles, superyachts and cruise ships are two separate animals. Generally, yachting demands...
10 January 2018
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