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at Wärtsilä in Latin America


Wärtsilä leads the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. We help our customers in decarbonisation by developing market-leading technologies. These cover future-fuel enabled balancing power plants, hybrid solutions, energy storage and optimisation technology, including the GEMS energy management platform. Wärtsilä Energy’s lifecycle services are designed to increase efficiency, promote reliability and guarantee operational performance. Our track record comprises 74 GW of power plant capacity and more than 80 energy storage systems delivered to 180 countries around the world. 

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  • RECO, Honduras
    Wärtsilä storage technology optimises engine plant performance and facilitates renewables integration on the island of Roatan in Honduras.

    RECO, Honduras

  • Cartones Ponderosa, Mexico
    The gas conversion reduced the cost of electricity produced by 50% and also reduced emissions.

    Cartones Ponderosa, Mexico

  • Grupo Puntacana, Dominican Republic
    A long-lasting partnership that adds value. Wärtsilä has supported Grupo Puntacana’s vision by providing reliable power generation for over 15 years.

    Grupo Puntacana, Dominican Republic

  • More effective maintenance planning
    Antigua Power Company

    More effective maintenance planning

  • Huinala, Mexico
    Mexico is quickly amending its energy laws, creating a new electricity market and allowing the private sector to participate freely in the generation and sale of electricity. The new strategy targets private and international investors, thus changing the market situation. The new regulations pave way for independent power producer (IPP) projects that will help the Mexican energy sector to not only cover the national demand, but also export electricity to its neighbouring countries.

    Huinala, Mexico

  • Quisqueya I & II, Dominican Republic
    In September 2011, Barrick Gold Corporation acquired a majority share in a gold mine located some 100 kilometres from the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo. The mining company quickly placed an order for a state-of-the-art Wärtsilä power plant to satisfy the needs of their new power-hungry mine

    Quisqueya I & II, Dominican Republic

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