Value of flexibility is recognised in Germany

40 min + 11 min Q&A

Value of flexibility is recognised in Germany

Across Europe, the drop in demand due to the pandemic lockdown has accelerated the electricity system transition. The Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab shows extremely well the evolving electricity market landscape in Europe. What we have seen is unprecedented. Germany broke its green energy generation records in April, with renewables achieving an incredible 62% average share of generation, up 13% year on year.

However, the country could actually have achieved a 100% renewable day but it missed out on achieving this milestone. The reason? The inflexibility of the power system. Watch the recording of our Live session and learn how flexibility is the key in achieving 100% renewable energy future!


Our presenters

Björn Ullbro

Vice President, Africa & Europe Wärtsilä Energy Business


Matti Rautkivi

Director, Strategy and Business Development, Wärtsilä


Jan Andersson

General Manager, Market Development


Michael Frank

Director Sales & Product Development Uniper Engineering