Short Sea Shipping - A Smart Propulsion System

Future proof solutions for short sea shipping vessels

With the drive to decarbonise and ensure vessels remain future proof in the journey towards zero emissions it is time to look at flexible solutions for Short Sea Shipping vessels.  In this webinar we will review the market pressures and the opportunities for this vessel segment, with a focus on flexibility, future fuels and hybridization to ensure vessels are future proof and able to adapt to ever-increasing regulations driving decarbonisation. 

The integration of hybrid propulsion systems is now seen as a strategic investment to ensure OPEX is reduced while allowing the flexibility to add energy saving technologies and new energy sources to keep up with CII in the future.  Experts from Wartsila and a prominent Short Sea Shipping owner will take you through the solutions and real vessel examples available today that will enable your fleet for tomorrow.

The agenda will include:

  • An owner’s perspective – A look at the key challenges in the industry and strategies to address them
  • Today’s Solutions for Short Sea Shipping
  • Future outlook towards zero emissions
  • Detailed system insight – vessel examples and reference cases
  • Panel Q&A

Our presenters
Jeremy Crossman
Jeremy Crossman
General Manager, Sales Excellence and coaching, Wärtsilä Marine - Moderator
Johan Kristensson
Chief Operating Officer, Furetank
Grant Gassner
Director, Integrated Solutions and Systems, Wartsila Marine Power
Torsten Büssow
Director Ship Electrification Solutions, Wärtsilä Marine