QuantiServ Webinar

Repairing the unrepairable

Repairing with special services: metal stitching and in situ machining 

In the offshore sector, every time a key component breaks or fails a decisive decision need to be made: to either repair or replace the component with a new part. Often the turnaround time and the new component costs for replacement may result in extended downtime and loss of revenue. 

Quick response and mobilisation time are minimum requirements to service needs for multi-branded equipment.   

Join us on this webinar where we will take a deep dive into the special services and how it could save money and extend the lifetime of the offshore equipment. 



  • Knowing the possibilities to repair something which is broken instead of replacing – to save the delivery costs and time of new parts 
  • Multi branded services like repairs of shafts, engine blocks, pipes, gear boxes, threads, surfaces and more… 
  • The quality of the repaired parts compared to new parts
  • The advantages of repair services and further remedial action 
  • Consideration of the total costs of repair services  
Our presenters
Petter Bodman
Petter Bodman
Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed
Sales Manager, QuantiServ, Lock-N-Stitch
Johannes Roberts
Johannes Roberts
Manager, QuantiServ