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Preparing cruise ships for reactivation

Preparing cruise ships for reactivation

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the cruise industry which has led to the temporary layup of the majority of the cruise fleet. Since that was an industry first, Wärtsilä organised in May 2020 a webinar on how to prepare major ship systems for a layup period. 

Now we are at a point where we see the first cruise ships start to operate again in a world that is still quite different from before. So, it is time we take a close look on how to reactivate a cruise ship. What does it take to prepare the major ship systems for reactivation in these uncertain times and to do that in a safe, efficient and reliable way? It requires careful planning and execution, it pays off to prepare well for this so please join us to find out this can be achieved.


Webinar topics include: 

  • Underwater preparations for reactivation
  • Restarting waste treatment and water production systems
  • Restarting the power plant and auxiliary systems
  • Reflections of cruise industry expert Mr. Anders Aasen, Chief Technical Officer of the Royal Caribbean Group
  • Q&A session
Our presenters
Maikel Arts
Maikel Arts
General Manager, Market Innovation Cruise & Ferry, Wärtsilä Marine Power
Anders Aasen
Chief Technical Officer, Royal Caribbean Group
William Winters
William Winters
Managing Director Trident BV, Wärtsilä Underwater Services
Piers Strong
Piers Strong
Head of Sales, Advanced Waste, Wärtsilä Water & Waste
Max Deltreppo
Massimiliano Deltreppo
General Manager, Product Sales, Wärtsilä