Fuels for the future: the steps towards zero emission shipping (EUAF session)

Biofuels and hydrogen-based fuels are needed to decarbonise the shipping industry. But where to start?

In this exciting webinar we will provide the essential knowledge about future fuels which will be helpful in your fleet meeting the IMO GHG targets in 2050.

Our guest speaker from Nordea bank will introduce the latest trends in the maritime industry for green investments.

View the webinar now and gain valuable information for your future operations.



Key learning objectives

  • There is no one single future fuel – there will be a whole variety of fuels in use
  • Investing in fuel flexibility and the combustion engine will mitigate compliance and business risks introduced by future fuels
  • Wärtsilä will continue to be a supplier of complete systems, regardless of the fuel
  • The Wärtsilä DF engine is an excellent choice for introducing future fuel
  • The business risks that must be considered


Our presenters
Thina Margrethe Saltveld
Senior Advisor Sustainable Finance Nordea
Reetta Kaila
Dr. Reetta Kaila
Director, Sustainable Fuels & Environment
Cato Esperø
Cato Espero
Head of Sales Norway, Wärtsilä Marine Power