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Data driven marine operations & maintenance

Data driven marine operations & maintenance - Meet your Uptime Partners

The marine industry is moving towards a future that is increasingly connected and innovative. By utilising real-time communication and digitalisation in all aspects of shipping and port operations, predictive operations and maintenance is highly achievable. The combination of AI, advanced diagnostics, and deep equipment expertise greatly enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of the equipment and/or systems installed.

This webinar will guide you on the smart technologies and performance optimisation services which can enhance your asset availability and improve your fleet and business performance and competitiveness, thus, ensuring sustainable and reliable operations.


Key learning takeaways

  • New digital applications utilizing combined human expertise, AI and advance diagnostics technology guaranteeing increased reliability and reduced unplanned downtime.
  • Solutions that effectively predict maintenance needs and proactively highlight potential issues, equipment failures and efficiency deterioration based on operational performance.
  • The available comprehensive support and remote assistance to enhance reliability efficiency and safety of assets.
  • Better asset-management decisions through close resource collaboration.
Our presenters
Patrik Strand
Patrik Strand
General Manager, Digital Product Management Wärtsilä Marine Business
Tuomas Kangas
Tuomas Kangas
Senior Expert Asset & Maintenance Management Wärtsilä Marine Business
Jörgen Naaijer
Jörgen Naaijer
General Manager, Agreement Sales, Wärtsilä Marine Power