Your feedback helped to store up to 50 tons of carbon

Wärtsilä’s purpose is enabling sustainable societies with smart technology, and in many cases, nature can be considered the smartest technology. Also, we aim to improve everything we do, so all feedback is most appreciated.

Last November we announced that your feedback can help store up to a ton of carbon. 49 of you took action, and one of you twice with the comment (“I already answered but just trying my luck to have you guys plant another tree”) – this was in no way against the rules, so in return, we have donated 50 dollars to plant 50 trees to The Albertine Rift in Uganda via

Your feedback was most appreciated, and for the question: “What kind of content would you wish to see here in the future?” the replies can be summarized as follows (shaped like a tree, of course):

Our content production team has already taken the feedback in, so you can expect the above themes to be represented more going forwards.

For the open feedback, the word cloud-tree is as follows:

In addition to general feedback about Wärtsilä, there were a few recommendations to improve Twentyfour7. Insights, such as adding a search. We will implement these shortly in order to make the site even more user friendly.

Still, nothing is ever perfect & complete, and Wärtsilä’s purpose of enabling sustainable societies with smart technology will persist, hence your feedback will be appreciated going forwards as well. For each submission, we will continue to plant a tree. You can find the link to the feedback survey on the left side of each article.

Wishing you an excellent year 2021 and looking forward to your feedback!

The Twentyfour7. Insights team

Written by
Amos Ahola
Director, Communication Operations and Development