Wärtsilä’s Got (Energy) Talent!

4 min read

11 Apr 2019


Ronak Kotecha



4 min read

11 Apr 2019


Ronak Kotecha



Catch them young. That’s precisely what Wärtsilä is doing with its Energy Talent Programme. They recruit like-minded youth to join their mission for sustainable innovation and eventually develop 100% renewable energy solutions for the industry. Know more.

When Veli-Matti Lehtinen moved from Australia to Finland, he knew he was following his dream job. Armed with a degree in finance, he joined Wärtsilä, in Helsinki, as a financial analyst. His passion for energy markets makes him the perfect fit for the role.

“My day consists of working on projects in developing areas trying to reinvent the whole energy grid,” says Lehtinen. He believes working at Wärtsilä helps him see the big picture of the energy market because the focus is on multiple technologies working towards a common goal.

Lehtinen is one of the four bright minds chosen last year, to be part of Wärtsilä’s Energy Talent Programme, which is an initiative to find young talents, who are passionate about energy markets and serious about finding solutions. It is an inclusive programme designed for young team players with excellent analytical skills, proactive mindsets and the willingness to learn. They are trained to succeed in a collaborative setup, which gives them the best foundation to grow.

“The role of the project development team is to be a core function in actually creating real projects that are shaping the future of energy industries around the world,” says Stefan Nygård, Director, Project Development at Wärtsilä Energy Business.

Guidance opportunities galore

What’s more, the mentoring and development opportunities are pegged at making them an expert in the global energy industry.

“I am looking at power systems in different parts of the world,” says Tony Meski, another young talent from the chosen four, who bagged the role of a power system analyst in the business development team of Wärtsilä’s Energy Business. He says helping developing countries make better decisions is the most fulfilling part of his job at Wärtsilä. Meski finds it extremely challenging and interesting to be working with software complexes and studying the energy dynamics for countries like China, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka.

Just like Meski, Antti Räty, also an engineer, is learning what it takes to optimise power systems around the world. Fresh from his engineering degree at Aalto University in Finland, Räty has been with Wärtsilä for 6 months now. Even in such a short period, he has witnessed the company’s unwavering focus on integrating more renewables into the system. “I feel that is working towards the 100% renewable energy future that Wärtsilä aims for,” he claims.

Meanwhile, the only woman amidst the newbies, Ella Teperi, says she is constantly learning new things and developing herself as a professional at Wärtsilä. As a financial analyst, Ella has been working in the Africa region with a global team. “I studied sustainable business in economics, and I realise that the energy industry is really at the core of building more sustainable societies,” says Teperi. Wärtsilä’s Energy Talent Programme has opened a world of opportunities for this business school graduate and her peers, alike.

The collective future

This is just the beginning. Nygård reveals he’s looking for three more financial analysts for placements across Africa, the Asia Middle East and Europe. Clearly, this is the big-ticket opportunity for youngsters to get exposure to future international assignments and work closely with global customers.

“What makes Wärtsilä stand out from the rest is the fact that it is truly leading the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future,” says Saara Kujala who heads the Global Business Development Function at Wärtsilä Energy Business. She too is looking for new power system analysts to be a part of this transition. “If you have the passion for change and the understanding of the future energy systems, then I would love to see your application,” she says calling for action from prospective candidates.

You heard her. So, what are you waiting for?