Port waiting times

Average ship waiting times worldwide are about 32% below normal

Fall in port activity suggests an urgent need in operations efficiency

The week before last, average ship waiting times worldwide were about 32% below normal, indicating a fall in port activity (Drewry report). Ship waiting times in Shanghai, the world’s top container port, were longer than normal. 
Last week the downward trend remained, however, with a slight rise of average ship waiting times at 18% below normal.

In this light, port efficiency comes forward demanding solutions for sustaining under pressure. Port call optimisation has proved itself as one of the most resultant methods, while Wärtsilä paves the way for its implementation. 

Wärtsilä has created a centralised data exchange platform, Navi-Port. It enables vessels to automatically adjust speed to achieve a just-in-time arrival and provides the opportunity for on-board navigational and communicational data sharing with onshore info-centre. 

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