European electricity market responds to Covid-19
Wärtsilä Energy transition lab

Impact on the European electricity market of the global pandemic – explore the Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab

An industry first, we’ve specifically developed the Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab as an open-data test environment for the energy industry to understand the impact of Covid-19. There is a big demand to understand how the markets are changing. Where do we need to focus? What types of capabilities should be ready when the market picks up?

This tool is updated weekly and provides detailed data on electricity generation, demand and pricing for European Union countries and the UK, combining Entso-E data in a single, easy to use platform. You can also model how systems could operate in the future with higher renewables, helping pinpoint problem areas and highlight where to focus policy and investment in the energy market.

With this platform Wärtsilä wants to help accelerate the energy transition.

End of inflexible generation
Live session recording
End of inflexible generation? - Coal unprofitable while flexible gas and storage make profit
Value of flexibility is recognised in Germany
Live session recording
Value of flexibility is recognised in Germany
Live session recording
Record share of renewables in the European electricity system
Live session recording
UK Energy Storage
Duration: 48 min

Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab

* The data is collected real-time from publicly available sources and Wärtsilä is not responsible for the quality of the data collected. However, we are continuously updating the platform and working on providing the most recent and accurate data.

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