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Flexible generation with engine power plants

Industrial companies, IPPs and utilities are under increasing pressure to decarbonise operations while still providing reliable and cost-effective power – and are therefore investigating the technologies that will make this possible. In order to make smart investments, accurate modelling and future-proof solutions it is necessary to avoid stranded assets as technologies change and fossil fuels are phased out.

Wärtsilä offers a wide range of flexible engine power plant solutions that can provide baseload availability or support an optimised transition to renewable energy. Our flexible engine power plants can already use 100% synthetic and carbon-neutral methane and methanol and are also capable of using hydrogen/natural gas blends containing up to 25% hydrogen – and we’re working on a pure hydrogen solution.

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A fuel-flexible future

Engines using future fuels are the key to 100% renewable power generation

Wärtsilä is helping to create a renewable energy future for electricity generation. Our flexible engine power plants are already capable of using completely synthetic and carbon-neutral methane and methanol. They are also capable of combusting hydrogen/natural gas blends with up to 25% hydrogen – and we’re working towards an engine and power plant concept for pure hydrogen operations.


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Be ready for future fuels

We support our customers on the journey towards 100% renewable energy. Flexible Wärtsilä engines enable the integration of greater amounts of solar and wind. Our engines are also ready to operate on sustainable fuels in the future. Future fuels together with engines can take care of long-term energy storage needs for periods with persistently low wind or solar conditions, such as in winter or during the monsoon season.

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Future-proof your investments

Avoid stranded assets with economically viable and flexible solutions. Wärtsilä continually develops our solutions, offering modernisation options, cost-efficient conversions and performance improvement upgrades. When it comes to the phase out of fossil fuels, engines can already operate on 100% synthetic, carbon-neutral methanol.

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Ensure flexibility with engine power plants

Wärtsilä engines offer superior single-cycle efficiency combined with fast loading and un-loading capability. This means that our engines can quickly ramp up and down as needed to balance the intermittent nature of renewables like solar and wind.

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