Our Vision

Energy markets are changing

The world is going through a transition towards renewables as the new baseload

Towards a 100% renewable energy future

The energy landscape is in transition towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. We envision a 100% renewable energy future.

Wärtsilä is leading the transition as the Energy System Integrator – we understand, design, build and serve optimal power systems for future generations.

Engines and storage will provide the needed flexibility to integrate renewables and secure reliability.

The revolution of renewables has started. The energy systems are changing towards 100% renewables and we at Wärtsilä can make it happen through technology and innovation


Wärtsilä leading the path 

Today we are far away from a 100% renewable energy future, but the energy landscape is transitioning. Renewables are becoming the new baseload, pushing inflexible power generation out of the system.

The journey towards a 100% renewable energy future is different for every continent, every country and every city – each has their own individual path.

Wärtsilä can help create your optimal path towards a 100% renewable energy future.

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